Commercial Property Insurance

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We custom-build your commercial property coverage

No two businesses are the same. Whether you own a large property, invest in real estate or lease a storefront, every business has a variety of physical assets such as buildings, inventory, computer equipment and tools which need to be protected from damage against fire, theft, vandalism or water.

We will take the time to visit your property, evaluate your current policy and look for gaps to help you with cost savings assist you in finding a customized commercial property package that truly meets your needs.

Document Your Unique Risks

The standard wording in insurance policies does not always protect against the risks that are unique to your business. Our experts create specialized coverage plans based on your specific needs.

Value Your Assets

We take the time to individually value the assets on your property. We provide you with choices so that you can select the most appropriate coverage for your needs.

Loss Control Inspections

We help identify gaps in your coverage with regular inspections including analyzing how your staff, clients and visitors use your property and buildings in order to recommend appropriate liability coverage.

Custom Commercial Property Insurance Solutions

IJʿ is an expert in Canada’s commercial property insurance industry. No matter what type of business you own, we will create unique insurance coverage options so you can choose what fits your needs.

Self Storage Insurance for Facility Owners

IJʿ has a specialized and comprehensive program for the specific insurance and risk management needs of self storage owners and operators. In addition to protecting your business and property.

Self Storage Insurance

Condominium Insurance

Finding the right insurance plan for your condominium corporation can be difficult, but maneuvering through all the needs and asks of the corporation, property managers, developers and unit owners doesn’t have to be confusing.

Condominium Insurance

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Group Benefits with IJʿ

Choosing the right combination of coverage and service for your employees today — and in the future — requires an independent experienced partner.

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